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Discretionary Refunds and Replacement of products After UseUpdated 10 months ago

(C) Discretionary Refunds and Replacement of products After Use

Users generally do not qualify for refunds or replacements after kit or supplement use. Stride may, at its discretion, offer limited refund or replacement rights if an investigation indicates non-compliance with the agreement between Stride and the user.


Stride will not provide refunds or replacements based on disagreements with test results, provided that due process occurred during the testing process.

Discretionary Limited Refund or Replacement

If you receive results or supplements and believe the Stride agreement was not adhered to, contact us within 5 days at [email protected]. Indicate your refund request (if eligible) and the grounds for your claim. Stride will investigate and respond within 3 working days.

If the investigation confirms non-compliance with the Stride agreement, Stride will offer a full or partial refund based on the circumstances. Refunds will be processed in the manner of payment receipt.

Stride products will not be refunded or exchanged if purchased through or provided by third party organisations, retailers, wholesalers or resellers. Please contact the third party directly for any refund requests.

This comprehensive policy ensures transparency, fairness, and your peace of mind throughout your Stride experience.

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