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Return and Refund Rights Prior to Use of Test KitsUpdated 3 months ago

Welcome to Stride's Returns and Refund Policy, designed to guide you through the process of returning products purchased from our website. This policy outlines your rights regarding returns and refunds ensuring a smooth and transparent experience for all customers.

This policy applies to the return of products purchased from Stride online. It provides for general return and refund rights prior to the products being used, as well as limited refund and replacement rights after use. Please note that unless (i) the law provides otherwise or (ii) expressly provided for in this policy, any other replacement or refund will be in the sole discretion of Stride and without any liability or prejudice to its rights. 

Should you have any further inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us on [email protected].

(A) Return and Refund Rights Prior to Use of Test Kits

Returns within 14 Days

Under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013, for most products bought online you have a legal right to change your mind within 14 days and receive a full refund. The 14-day window begins immediately after we email you to confirm we have received your order online. 

However, during the 14 day window you do not have the right to change your mind: 

(i) if the test(s) has been unsealed after delivery or collection. 

(ii) if you have activated the test kit(s). 

(iii) if you have activated the test kit(s) and/or sent your sample to the laboratory for analysis. 

(iv) once we have completed provisions of the Services.

To initiate a return, please notify Stride on [email protected]. Once notified, kindly return the kit within 14 days, following the provided instructions.

If eligible, Stride will refund you using the original payment method unless otherwise agreed. Please note that you are responsible for all shipping and return fees, as governed by applicable law.

Goods must be returned to us in new and unused condition and, to the extent possible, in their original packaging. We may deduct from the refund amount if you have handled the product in a way that has diminished its value if such handling was beyond what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics, and functioning of the Goods. You are responsible for the Goods while they are in your possession.

Returns after 14 Days

You have the right to cancel your contract for a kit outside of the 14 day window up to 60 days after order confirmation and receive a partial refund. Please note this does not apply if any of the exemptions set out in Returns within 14 Days (i) - (iv) have been met. We will refund the amount paid less £20 to reflect the value of the Service provided at the point of cancellation.  

If you end the contract for any reason after a test kit has been dispatched, you must return it to us in order for a refund to be considered. You must send off the kit within 14 days of informing us you wish to end the contract. You will be required to pay the return postage costs.

Damaged/Missing Kits

Should you receive a damaged or defective kit, please notify us on [email protected] within 30 days of delivery. By doing so, you initiate a claim for a refund due to a damaged or defective kit. Kindly retain all packaging materials, boxes, and damaged items, as we may request these for investigation purposes. Once the investigation concludes and the kit's damage or defect is confirmed, Stride will provide a replacement within 5 working days.

If any items are missing from your order, please inform us on [email protected] within 2 months of delivery. Upon notification, Stride will provide a replacement kit within 5 working days. We will cover the associated shipping and return costs. Failure to report damaged or missing items within 2 months may impact the availability of replacement items, subject to applicable law.

Undeliverable Orders

Orders returned to Stride as refused or undeliverable will be reimbursed, with a possible return handling fee, as outlined in accordance with applicable law. Stride reserves the right to refuse delivery of packages that require payment fees that have not been prepaid by the sender.

Lost Orders

(i) International shipments:

If you do not receive your package and the tracking information shows that the kit has been delivered you must notify Stride right away on [email protected] so that a lost package tracer can be initiated with the courier. Replacement kits will not be sent until the courier terminates the tracer request and Stride grants permission for a replacement kit to be delivered. Stride will be liable for all fees and costs associated with shipping of replacement kits. Stride will not provide refunds for any lost kit under any circumstances or be liable for any claims arising from such loss, other than as expressly provided in this policy and subject to applicable law.

(ii) Local UK deliveries:

Where we make use of an untracked mail service for delivery, we will replace a lost kit once you have notified us on [email protected]. Please note that we will only replace the lost kit in circumstances where you have provided a correct delivery address. We have the right to investigate the circumstances of the kit being lost or incorrectly delivered and will not be liable to replace a lost kit in circumstances where you entered an incorrect delivery address.

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