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What are the benefits of liquid supplements versus capsules?Updated 10 months ago

Traditional pills aren’t the best way to take nutrient supplements - most only deliver up to 20% absorption - and can contain unnecessary or excess ingredients.

Our all-in-one daily liquid supplement uses liposomes to ensure nutrients are protected from stomach acid, resulting in much higher vitamin absorption:

  • Up to 98% absorption via our trademarked nutrient-delivery technology.
  • Up to 26 precision ingredients and counting.
  • High-quality sugar-free ingredients, all natural flavourings, and no nasties.

What Are Liposomal Liquids?

Liposomes act like little life-jackets that protect nutrients as they make their way through your body.

Once nutrients have been swallowed, they must survive exposure to digestive enzymes and acids, bile salts and various gut flora before they can be metabolised by the liver and be used in the body.

Liposomes enable much more of those nutrients to survive this journey and be absorbed effectively.

While protection is important, even more important is the way liposomes are absorbed. Liposomes collide in the body with cells, and as they do, their membranes merge opening their contents, which results in the nutrient in the centre of the liposome being deposited directly into the cell.

Since the phospholipids are naturally sourced, once they are broken down, they can be processed by the body and removed safely, without any side effects.

Overall, liposomes protect the ingredients from early degradation, they allow increased absorption and distribution around the body and they are safely removed without causing any harm. Hence, they are beneficial for delivery of vitamins/minerals and other nutrients.

It is known that liposomes increase the absorption of the internal ingredient and therefore increase the bioavailability and biodistribution of them.

Liposomal liquid supplements offer a revolutionary approach to nutrient delivery. By harnessing the power of liposomes, these formulations protect, enhance absorption, and ensure the effective distribution of nutrients throughout the body. 

When choosing your supplements, consider the benefits of liposomal liquids for a more efficient and bioavailable way to support your health and well-being.

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