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Personalised Supplements

What is your offering?

Stride offers an innovative approach to personalised health with vitamin sets tailored to your unique lifestyle. We understand that individual needs vary, so we curate a combination of vitamins that align with your habits, preferences, and health goa

How do I order personalised supplements?

Ordering personalised supplements is simple! Visit our website or follow Complete the lifestyle questionnaire, providing accurate information about your habits and goals. You will then be taken to your personalis

How accurate are the personalised supplement recommendations?

Our personalised supplement recommendations are rooted in scientific research and a holistic understanding of your lifestyle and, if chosen, DNA insights. While the recommendations are not medical prescriptions, they are designed to offer accurate an

What if I miss a dose of my supplement?

If you miss a dose, there's no need to worry. Simply resume your regular schedule with the next dose. Consistency over time is key to experiencing the benefits.

What are the benefits of liquid supplements versus capsules?

Traditional pills aren’t the best way to take nutrient supplements - most only deliver up to 20% absorption - and can contain unnecessary or excess ingredients. Our all-in-one daily liquid supplement uses liposomes to ensure nutrients are protected f

What to look out for when considering Liposomes Supplements?

Not all Liposomes are created equal. Liposomal production is an exacting and technical discipline, vital for ensuring the quality and durability of the final product. Here are several factors to consider:. Alcohol Content. Some liposomal supplements

What ingredients do you make use of for your supplements?

Our supplements are crafted with the utmost care, and the choice of ingredients is a critical part of ensuring their quality and effectiveness. We prioritise using pure, high-quality ingredients that have been rigorously tested for safety and efficac