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What to look out for when considering Liposomes Supplements?Updated a year ago

Not all Liposomes are created equal. Liposomal production is an exacting and technical discipline, vital for ensuring the quality and durability of the final product.

Here are several factors to consider:

Alcohol Content 

Some liposomal supplements incorporate alcohol to stabilize the liposomes, with levels reaching up to 15% in certain cases. At Stride, we are committed to alcohol-free health foods. We've developed a unique process to eliminate alcohol entirely from our products while maintaining their full stability.

Liposomal Size 

Size plays a pivotal role in optimal absorption. If liposomes are too large, absorption becomes challenging, while excessively small liposomes may carry limited nutrients that can become trapped in the body. The ideal range falls between 100nm and 200nm. Our liposomes are meticulously manufactured to these dimensions and undergo rigorous characterisation in the laboratory using Electron Microscopes and other advanced techniques.

Stability & Shelf Life 

Liposomes can lose stability if they are not precisely formulated or are created without meticulous care. Improperly formed liposomes can collide, merge into the wrong size, or disintegrate entirely before the product's expiry date. Additionally, exposure to air can render many nutrients and liposomes unstable. Our liposomes maintain complete stability until the product's stated expiry date, ensuring you receive the utmost absorption benefits.


The choice of ingredients in liposomal products significantly impacts stability and performance. Poorly selected ingredients can cause liposomes to break down over time. At Stride, we prioritize pure, high-quality ingredients that undergo rigorous testing to guarantee the product's stability over time and ensure it delivers precisely what's stated on the packaging.

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